Clove Encounters

As the autumnal season approaches, we’re ready as always to serve you a rich and decadent latte. Last year we did the Cosby Classic, a banana and vanilla wafer syrup with whipped cream on top. To stay with the tradition of desert-like treats, we’re offering up the Clove Encounters. This drink was created by Hannah More»

Third time is a charm with Kickapoo

For the past three years, we’ve consistently sought out the coffee of Kickapoo Roasters for our guest program. They are a smaller roasting company but, as our Director of Green coffee Jon Colon says, “a lot of their coffees are sourced through trips to origins, meeting farmers, cupping and ensuring quality growing practices.” We’re starting More»

Smart looking coffee: Blueprint Coffee Roasters

Our present guest roaster at Wormhole is Blueprint Coffee. And just from scoping their retail bags one can get a sense that this St. Louis based roaster has a strong aesthetic, which is something we can appreciate at Wormhole. One feels that the shapes that appear as their logos are related to those of Pluto’s More»

Up in smoke…

At Wormhole we have really had enough of this winter weather and finally decided to do something about it. We are smoking out this cold and snow with a little heat in our current signature drink, Smoke Signals. We started this drink by doing trials of cold brewed Lapsang Souchong tea, finally settling on a More»

Sweet Bloom Coffee, We’re So Down With The Freshness

Our present guest roaster, Sweet Bloom, might prove to be the most refreshing guest roaster we’ve had yet…and easily said, the freshest, as this particular roaster is less than a few months in operation. Furthermore, the coffee showcased on the Wormhole brew bar is Sweet Bloom’s launching selection of coffees! There is, however, no sign More»