Four Barrel on the bar

January is in full swing, and The Wormhole is ushering in the new year with one of its proudest partnerships ever. As our first guest roaster of 2016, to delight the coffee connoisseurs and dazzle the uninitiated, we have San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee on our brew bar.

For many, Four Barrel is the standard of excellence by which all other American craft coffee companies are measured. Their coffees, although sourced from a diverse multitude of origins in South America, Central America, Africa, and the Pacific, all boast an impeccable balance of flavors and immaculately clean mouthfeel. Beyond their mouthwatering coffees themselves, we admire Four Barrel for its ethical excellence – forging direct, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the majority of their coffee growers and producers. In a global coffee community where roasters and baristas get the lion’s share of the laurels, Four Barrel gives due recognition to the assiduous, essential farmers. A company after our own heart, Four Barrel does all of these amazing things with tremendous sense of humor about themselves.

From their unbelievably stacked offerings booklet, we have selected the Kenya Gachatha and the Guatemala El Pilar. From the famous Nyeri county in Kenya, the Gachatha is exceptionally floral with a soft acidity for a Kenya. The Gachatha abounds with notes of carob, ground cherry, and plum. The El Pilar is an extremely high-elevation typical/bourbon (1,800 – 2,000 meters above sea level) with a heavy body and fecund with sweetness. Its nuanced, deep flavor profile teems with glimpses of amaretto, coriander, and brown sugar.

Both of these aforementioned coffees are bona fide game changers. So step right up, ask for them by name, and we’ll roll out the Barrel for you.