16 ounces of The Chronic

A long, cold winter winds down, crossfading slowly into spring – soon to be in full effect. It’s about that time. Time to let the dogs out to play. Time to trade in those poofy bubblegooses and beanies for satin jackets, leathers, and a fresh fitted from your favorite squad. Time to get your stroll on. But first thing’s first: you can’t hit the streets without a little bit of The Chronic. 16 ounces of The Chronic.

Served cold as a subpoena over ice, our latest signature drink, The Chronic, invokes the indomitable combination of gin and juice (and it’s 100% alcohol-free and shorty-friendly). We pour out a few ounces of our hellafied homemade grapefruit syrup into a pint glass, fill it up with our juniper-peppercorn tea, add three dashes of salt, and shake that sh** up proper. The aftermath is one refreshing refreshment that’ll make its impression felt. So sit back, relax, and strap on your seat belt.