Third time is a charm with Kickapoo

For the past three years, we’ve consistently sought out the coffee
of Kickapoo Roasters for our guest program. They are a smaller
roasting company but, as our Director of Green coffee Jon
Colon says, “a lot of their coffees are sourced through trips to
origins, meeting farmers, cupping and ensuring quality growing

We’re starting off with their Kenya Kibingara AA. This coffee is
very complex, juicy and sweet. It showcases notes of grapefruit
and tropical fruits while holding on to that unique savory
complexity that makes a good Kenyan cup so unique.
Kickapoo farmer
In a few weeks we’ll premier their Ethipian Idido. This cup is
stunningly clean and aromatic. It’s a truly beautiful coffee to work
with berries and lemon galore, a floral head and organic to boot.
This Idido is bright and forward while being round and creamy.
August is a special month for African coffee, specifically Kenyan
and Ethiopian. Kickapoo offers two great cups from each and we’re
thrilled to have them back for the season.