Clove Encounters

As the autumnal season approaches, we’re ready as always to serve you a rich and decadent latte. Last year we did the Cosby Classic, a banana and vanilla wafer syrup with whipped cream on top. To stay with the tradition of desert-like treats, we’re offering up the Clove Encounters.

This drink was created by Hannah Clark, our resident Signature Beverage designer, and went through several trials before landing on the perfect combination. We started off leaning towards a rich pie theme, so figs and walnuts were on our minds. We wanted to incorporate a spice to the drink to balance the ultra sweet fig components. This drink is awfully sweet despite having very little sugar added, comparatively.

“Clove Encounters has a minimal amount of sugar added because in the cooking process the fig and sugar together were becoming gelatinous. Cutting down on the sugar prevented that from happening.” Hannah Clark.

This beverage is also topped with whipped cream but as an added bonus, the cream is orange flavored, a simple maneuver we used with pulp-free orange juice. Check out this naturally sweet and creative drink now at The Wormhole!