The Cosby Classic: A Banana Pudding-Style Latte

Complete with whipped cream and vanilla wafer, our new signature drink for Fall 2013 is The Cosby Classic! It’s indulgent, creamy, frothy and we think you’re going to like it.

What’s In The Cosby Classic?

It’s a pretty short list. We make our own sauce from aged bananas, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and pulverized vanilla wafers. From there, we do out standard syrup pour same as we would any specialty drink on our menu: we weigh out the syrup by the gram, add espresso shots (Triforce, HalfWit Coffee), and pour our milk on top.

Wormhole barista Carmen Giles runs our signature drink program and came to us with the idea for a banana latte, not knowing a banana pudding latte had been a dream at The Wormhole since the beginning. “There was a lot of trial and error as far as the sugar levels,” says Wormhole GM Stevie Baka. “Bananas are very sweet and we had to decide how to balance the banana sweetness and the sugar sweetness.” To do this, we had a research period where multiple syrups are kept in the fridge, the staff can make drinks and try different ratios. “I will say, this is the only drink–ever–of which the entire staff approved. That never happens,” says Baka.

Hot Or Cold!

On an interesting side note, this is the first time a Wormhole Coffee signature drink has been available both hot AND cold, and that’s because it works. Come by, try it, and let us know what you think on WormFacebook and WormTwitter.

The Cosby Classic @ Wormhole Coffee Chicago