16 ounces of The Chronic

A long, cold winter winds down, crossfading slowly into spring – soon to be in full effect. It’s about that time. Time to let the dogs out to play. Time to trade in those poofy bubblegooses and beanies for satin jackets, leathers, and a fresh fitted from your favorite squad. Time to get your stroll More»

Baby Blues at The Wormhole Coffee

The Wormhole Coffee rolled out a new set of dishware earlier this month. After searching high and low for just the right quality blue cups we came up empty time and time again. Finally we found Orphan espresso, where Barb and Doug helped us get exactly what we wanted from Inker. Not only were we More»


The 2013 holiday season is in full “GO!” mode here at The Wormhole Coffee. We’re stocked up on the usual goods and services, obvi; we’re also sporting a God-only-knows-why variety of merchandise for your purchasing pleasure. At a non-specific point and time in the future, the universe would allow–even encourage–you to pick up fresh-roasted beans from HalfWit More»