Baby Blues at The Wormhole Coffee

The Wormhole Coffee rolled out a new set of dishware earlier this month. After searching high and low for just the right quality blue cups we came up empty time and time again.

Finally we found Orphan espresso, where Barb and Doug helped us get exactly what we wanted from Inker. Not only were we looking for a new set of dishware, but we also wanted our cups to each be a specific size. The unique handle on the Inker CARLA cups is so sleek and fresh, but the cappuccino cup was just too big. So we opted for the cappuccino cups from the Inker MOCCA set instead, keeping things small and sweet. We are very in love with our new baby blue Inker cups from Orphan Espresso, and very pleased to spend the rest of our dishware days with our new friends.

New Mugs at wormhole coffee