The 2013 holiday season is in full “GO!” mode here at The Wormhole Coffee. We’re stocked up on the usual goods and services, obvi; we’re also sporting a God-only-knows-why variety of merchandise for your purchasing pleasure. At a non-specific point and time in the future, the universe would allow–even encourage–you to pick up fresh-roasted beans from HalfWit Coffee, T-shirts, hoodies, cycling gear & supplies, Wormhole Coffee gift certificates and you never know what else of a given day and while supplies last.

Of course, Wormhole Coffee Gift Packs wouldn’t be the same in a humdrum bag or box, so this year we’re sporting “Empire Strikes Back” + “Dr. Who” lunch boxes + donated human organ receptacles (not intended or qualified for actual use, you sickos!). Try the Mayan Melk, our current signature drink, and enjoy holiday shopping made into a quick, easy stop at Wormhole Coffee.