Supreme Revamp Underway: Proof

Hey Folks, Things are on track to ensure we come back to your right on time. Our artists, laborers and layabouts are straining mightily to open the bean vats back up to public consumption. This should be happening on or just after Saturday, March 3. The following is…progress. Finality will come sooner than you know. More»


We’re looking forward to it.. and we’re not looking forward to it. The Wormhole Coffee (that’s us) will be closing up shop not for a rest, but for a re-do. We love our space, but we’ve been living in it for a couple years, so we’re bringing in an off-planet construction crew that’s been researching hull shapes and More»

More Compost Than Ever at Wormhole (Seriously,That’s No BS)

Your beloved Worm-fam has begun an all out assault on all unnecessary waste created in producing our liquid nectar of the gods. We’ve been proactive since our humble beginnings in limiting excess strain on the environment through large-scale [legit] recycling, to-go containers comprised of compostable/non-petroleum plastics, and safe cleaning supplies. We’re taking it a step More»