Sugar & Spice:

With autumn upon us, sunshine and shorts giving way to foliage and flannels, The Wormhole offers a warm welcome to our newest signature drink: Everything Nice.
Chai-like in conception, Everything Nice features a magical medley of herbs, roots, and spices from the Eastern and Western hemispheres infused in an invigoratingly aromatic syrup and frothed to piping hot, velveteen splendor with your choice of milk.
At the base of our secret recipe is Indian sarsaparilla (not to be confused with Mexican sarsaparilla, which is a completely unrelated plant used to flavor the soft drink of the same name): an odiferous, woody, and sweet-tasting root used in traditional South Asian medicine. The Indian sarsaparilla is combined with sugar, ginger root, traditional mulling spices, and a whisper of wintergreen (a minty North American shrub also used in many folk remedies and, more famously, in chewing gum) to create a fragrant, homey, highly sensory experience.
Everything Nice– it’s the most fun anyone’s had with spice since Frank Herbert’s Dune. Ask for it by name today, or add a shot of espresso to make an Everything Naughty.

Darrell Monti is our online journalist here at The Wormhole.