Acaia Pearl at The Wormhole

Due to extreme attention to detail and outright nerdery, The Wormhole is proud to stock our shelves with the latest in coffee technologies: the Acaia Scale. With precision in mind, this incredibly accurate scale comes with an incredible aid in the form of an app. Compatible with iPhone and Android, the Acaia App keeps a record of the weights and brew times of each pour. Love that one chemex from last week but didn’t write your ‘specs’ down? No longer an issue with this smart scale.

Head Wormbabe, Stevie Baka is very stoked on the Acais Scale because, “It gives such a big window of feed back that I’m left with little guess work as to why my brews are acting a certain way. It also let’s me replicate my pours time and time again while isolating small variables to create my ideal cup.” At Wormhole we intend to use this as an aid in our quality control while seamlessly looking cooler than usual. Alas, we are not alone. The coffee gods over at Sprudge like it, too, saying, “It’s not just geeky internals either–the physical design is definitely super minimalist and attractive.” Acaia Scales are going on sale this week for a sweet $129 at the Halfwit Online Store.