We were eating lots of soup at the wormhole…

This season, we wanted to introduce something different to our roster of signature beverages. After several wintry themes were conjured, we considered what we as a staff really wanted. We were eating tons of Tom Kha soup from neighboring Thai restaurants and our Head of Education, Andreas Willhoff, jokingly said, “Tom Kha-te” and we all exclaimed, “Eureka!” and solved the Winter #SigBev crisis of 2014. We’re excited about our latest signature beverage because it is truly a new take on a coffee shop drink. Our Director of the Signature Beverage program, Hannah Clark, quickly and brilliantly put together a recipe for a savory milk steamer that tasted just right.


The Tom Kha’te is a coconut and whole milk steamer with a lemongrass and ancho chili syrup made in house and topped with fresh lime zest. “We did many trials of this drink and have settled on this recipe because it is the most delicious. Steamed coconut milk that isn’t cut with something else has an “unpleasant” texture. So as usual, this is a whole milk beverage by default, but soy or almond melks can be requested,” says Clark of the making of the recipe. The Tom Kha’te can also be made as a latte, with an espresso extraction, but the espresso does distract from the notes that are celebrated in the drink. If you’re looking for something truly distinctive and satisfying, stop by to try this limited edition addition to our menu.