Spyhouse… in the house

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is one of our favorites, including shops, roasters and friends. Every time we hang out with them it’s awesome and every time we cup their coffee it’s awesome. Thusly, we are proudly featuring them as our Guest Coffee for this quarter + for the second time in our existence. Firstly, we’ll be working with their Kenya Gatuyaini, a complex and nuanced coffee with rose blossom, mulled wine and pineapple notes. Next we’ll be serving up their Juan PeNa from Ecuador that undergoes a black honey process, which creates a little ‘flavor bomb’. Juan PeNa is a fruit-forward coffee that has a complex range of raspberry and almond with a sparkling finish associated with riesling.


While we regularly offer our featured guest coffees predominantly on V60, we feel that the Edcuador has an incredible profile on aeropress. Chat us up IRL about Spyhouse because everyone on staff has a lot to say.