Proudly Serving Kuma Coffee

Going back to an old favorite, we’re re-introducing Kuma Coffee out of Seattle Washington on our guest program this quarter. Kuma’s Roast-master, Mark Barany, prides himself on the close relationship kept with the farmers at origin, including several micro-lots.

Director of the Wormhole Guest Program, Mike Cary, was excited to have Kuma back although it’s his first time working with the coffee as a Barista at The Wormhole. “This will be my first run at changing roasters and sourcing new coffees, but I am quite excited about the switch that is about to happen,” says Mike of taking charge of the Guest Program from Halfwit’s Roaster Jon Colon.

The offerings chosen from Kuma were a score for Mike as he and Jon had cupped some coffees from Kuma months before and when it came time for Mike to run the program he “knew in his heart it had to be” in terms of choosing Kuma. We’re featuring their Colombia Santa Helena, a fruit forward and very floral cup as well as the Rwanda Mukashyaka which holds a limey and tropical fruit brightness and finishes with a pleasantly tanic mouthfeel.

Kuma Bear