Movies In The (Wicker) Park

We’re doing our annual sponsorship of Movies In The Park in Wicker Park/Bucktown throughout Summer 2013, FYI, with mega-nods to Mr. Jeff Goldblum. He is our fascination, our obsession & our conundrum–he is our dramatic light at the end of the tunnel. And more…

  • 6/20 Earth Girls Are Easy
  • 7/2 Independence Day
  • 7/25 Jurassic Park
  • 8/22 Buckaroo Banzai

Also, if we’re lucky, the new Chicago Brew Hub coffee bike will keep rolling up to Movies In The Park and serving utterly and painstakingly delicious iced HalfWit Coffee. This new mobile venture by none other than our own (formerly, but not) Sara Travis and we couldn’t be more happy sipping her wares and enjoying Movies In The [Wicker] Park.

Chicago Brew Hub serving HalfWit Coffee!