Get your Sump at The Wormhole

Our Guest Roaster this season is Sump Coffee out of St Louis, MO. For being a
smaller roasting company, this collective is increasingly better and blowing
us away when we revisit their offerings month after month.

Sump beans

This round we’re featuring the Yemen Haraaz, an insanely decadent coffee that is impressive in it’s natural complexity. We found a bit of spice with an overwhelming bite of brandy or port wine in the taste and mouth-feel. Their Mexico Ixhautlan has a soft white grape taste with hints of chocolate in a very juicy cup. Coming up in the line-up we’ll be sharing their Ethiopia Aricha and their Kenya Gatuyaini. Director of our Guest Coffee Program, Jon Colon, says the Aricha has hints of caramel and notes of Jasmine, while the Gatuyaini contrastingly has a spicy vegetable taste with a hint of stonefruit. These are going incredibly fast, especially that Yemen, so hurry in to try this exceptional coffee from the exceptionally bearded Scott Cary.